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Everything That Will Most Definitely Happen to You While Driving in Las Vegas.

Everything That Will Most Definitely Happen to You While Driving in Las Vegas.


Las Vegas has more going for it than just gambling, strippers, and killer restaurants. It’s also incredibly convenient for drivers; there’s tons of parking, and the roads actually kinda make sense. But not everything’s perfect… here’s what you can expect when you get behind the wheel in Sin City.

1. You get stuck in traffic on the Spaghetti Bowl interchange during rush hour.

2. You get confused over which casino garages charge for parking on the Strip these days. (To clarify… it’s MGM Resorts International.)

3. You get stuck behind a car with a California license plate driving slow.

4. You do your best not to hit pedestrians on Boulder Highway.

5. You think you’ve scored the best parking space at the casino… until you realize it’s for electric cars only.

6. You get mad and honk at the car afraid to turn on a flashing yellow arrow.

7. Flamingo? Tropicana? No. You really wish there was an exit from Interstate 15 to Harmon — to make it easier to get to the ARIA and Cosmopolitan.

8. You forget to park in the shade in the middle of summer.

9. You make the big mistake of driving yourself to the Electric Daisy Carnival between 8pm and 10pm.

10. You remember too late that the Caesars Palace valet is full. It’s always full.

11. Turn left for a drive-thru at In-N-Out Burger. Turn right for a drive-thru at a wedding chapel.

12. You miss the westbound exit for the 215 while driving south on Interstate 15. Yeah, you were supposed to veer right at the Russell exit.

13. You wonder why Google Maps and Waze suggest totally different directions on how to get to North Las Vegas. Do you take Rainbow to the 95 or loop around on the 215?

13. You get cut off by a cab while trying to turn off Las Vegas Boulevard.

14. You get the urge to pull over at the lot on Sunset to watch the planes at McCarran International Airport take off. Either you want to take some photos, or you just want to make out.

15. Your view gets blocked by one of those billboard trucks advertising either Penn & Teller or “Hot Babes to Your Room.”




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