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Halloween never ends at year-round southwest Las Vegas costume and prop shop

Halloween never ends at year-round southwest Las Vegas costume and prop shop


After Halloween night, the ghost, goblins and ghouls will still have a home at the year-round HalloweenMart.

The walls of the store at 6230 S. Decatur Blvd., Suite 101, are covered in a wide selection of masks, wigs, accessories, props, decorations and costumes for adults, kids and pets. At HalloweenMart, anyone can be one step away from becoming Donald Trump, Chewbacca, Frankenstein or The Joker.

“When you put on a costume, you can be anybody that you want to be,” store owner Ann Siegel said. “You step out of your comfort zone as a banker, teacher, and you can be silly, or you can be stupid; you can act however you want to act, and that’s what’s great about Halloween.”

HalloweenMart has been a part of the Las Vegas community for 22 years. Siegel said she started her business as a temporary store for the holiday season in a smaller space on Valley View Boulevard, but after noticing that there was no year-round Halloween store, she decided to make it permanent.

Siegel said what sets her store apart from competitors is its selection and customer service. While the store specializes in Halloween, it has inventory for every holiday and occasion from Thanksgiving to President’s Day that brings people in past Oct. 31.

Because the store also carries rave and club wear, the annual Electric Daisy Carnival draws in crowds almost as large as Halloween shoppers.

Repeat customer Mark Hanks said he enjoys being able to count on the store for his Halloween needs each year.

“It’s always there, and it has all the stuff you need,” Hanks said.




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