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Peacocks are terrorizing Wayne Newton’s Vegas neighborhood

Peacocks are terrorizing Wayne Newton’s Vegas neighborhood

Feathers are flying in the neighborhood around Wayne Newton‘s estate, where residents are complaining that peafowl like the ones on the Las Vegas showman’s 40-acre ranch have become roosting, roaming pests.

Residents who live near Casa de Shenandoah claim peafowl from the ranch wander the neighborhood — squawking, scratching family cars and creating a traffic hazard.

“We heard something on our roof that scared us to death,” April Juelke told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “We thought a burglar was breaking in, but it was a bunch of peacocks.”

The Juelkes and others say the birds roost at the ranch. The couple say their Labrador retriever, Reginald Winthorp, has twice had intestinal illnesses that they blame on bird droppings.

Newton’s lawyer, Jay Brown, said the birds aren’t Newton’s.

“We’ve never bought a peacock. We’ve never brought in a peacock,” Brown said.

Sure, peacocks and hens were among the exotic menagerie the iconic “Mr. Las Vegas” headliner kept when he lived at the ranch southeast of the Las Vegas Strip. Among them were Arabian horses, penguins, a Capuchin monkey named Boo, and wallabies.

Brown said peafowl were already at the ranch when Newton bought the property in the ’60s.

Casa de Shenandoah is officially home to about 25 peafowl that are tagged and live in an enclosure, Brown said.

Newton no longer lives at the estate, which today is a tourist museum focused on Newton’s life and career.

Brown said the Newtons are willing to help remove the wild birds, but it wasn’t their responsibility.

“These are feral peacocks,” he said. “It’s a neighborhood problem, not a Newton problem, in fairness.”





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