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Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor: Recap, Round-by-Round Analysis

Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor: Recap, Round-by-Round Analysis

Floyd Mayweather promised his fight against Conor McGregor wouldn’t go the distance—and he delivered. Money notched a 10th-round TKO against McGregor on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

McGregor asserted his physicality in the first three rounds, but eventually tired out, playing into Mayweather’s trap. From there, the legendary boxer made quick work of McGregor, attacking him endlessly with combination after combination. Eventually, it became clear that Mayweather was hunting for a knock-out, teeing off on McGregor’s head with one punch after another. Going into the 10th, McGregor was running on empty and Mayweather could smell blood. He landed a few more head shots before McGregor, woozy and wobbly, was saved by the referee who stopped the fight.

Scroll down for our blow-by-blow analysis of the fight.


In his post-fight interview, Mayweather admits that McGregor was a tougher opponent than he expected. But he also said he executed his game plan flawlessly, allowing McGregor to wear out in the early rounds, fire all of his big shots, then fatigue down the stretch. Mayweather turned on the gas the final few rounds, finishing off McGregor after the fighter had long been running on empty.

Said Mayweather of McGregor: “He’s a lot better than I thought he was. He used different angles. He was a tough competitor. But I was the better man tonight.”

McGregor said he wished the ref had let the fight keep going, saying he was only fatigued.

“I thought it was a little early of a stoppage,” he said.

As for Mayweather, McGregor praised the boxing star but also didn’t sound over-the-top impressed with his opponent.

“He was a lot more composed under the shots,” he offered.

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It’s over! Money Mayweather is the champion!

After letting McGregor wear himself out one final time, Mayweather finished McGregor off with an unbelievable barrage of punches. The ref stepped in while McGregor was still standing, but woozy and against the ropes. Mayweather celebrated with a sprint across the ring.

Mayweather and McGregor embraced in the middle of the ring and exchanged “pleasantries” (hey, they’re boxers) and embraces. Everyone is rich and gets to go home happy!


What a flurry! Mayweather is absolutely going for the KO. With McGregor slowing down, Mayweather is going all-out, swinging for McGregor’s head time after time. McGregor has absolutely nothing left. The only thing saving him are clenches and the clock. He can barely stand up. But Mayweather is after blood! He’s chasing McGregor around the ring. Keep in mind, McGregor has never been knocked out in a UFC fight.

I’d be stunned if McGregor makes it through another round. Winter is coming.


That was our closest round yet. Both McGregor and Mayweather appeared to gain second winds. Why am I giving the edge to McGregor? Because the other guy is 49-0, he shouldn’t be in Round 8 against a guy who is 0-0. Whether McGregor wins or not, this has been an incredible showing.


Another big round for Mayweather. He got the crowd on its feet at one point after knocking McGregor around the ring. The UFC star looks absolutely gassed at this point, grabbing on to Mayweather and locking up several times to catch his breath. He’s still connecting on a handful of shots, but Mayweather’s are far more frequent and ferocious. Money is cruising.




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