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Where you will eat at the Las Vegas Stadium

Where you will eat at the Las Vegas Stadium

Parking, traffic control, utilities and funding are all still contentious factors under discussion for the future $1.9 billion Las Vegas Raiders stadium. But new paperwork gives a little early insight into the shape of the 10-level stadium and where fans will be able to dine and drink in June 2020.

Promoted as a multi-use stadium and events center, zoning permission has been obtained for possible parking lot scenarios for hosting farmers markets, food truck festivals and fairground midways. The currently named Las Vegas Stadium will add 65,000 seats, but provide only 2,375 on-site parking spaces, so guests will be encouraged to park elsewhere, ride-share, take shuttles or walk over a proposed 30-foot-wide pedestrian bridge linked to Las Vegas Boulevard.

The domed stadium has been designed with a Strip-facing retractable wall that opens up to the interior, a dramatic scenario for concerts, music festivals and sporting events, like UNLV Rebels football games, which will also make the stadium home base.

Most recent plans call for concessions to be created on the 394,825-square-foot “Main Concourse” and the 147,628-square-foot “Upper Concourse,” approximately 88 feet above the playing field.

The 259,444-square-foot “Upper Suite” level, approximately 52 feet above the action, will include more concessions, VIP lounges and the yet to be announced “Peristyle Club.” A concept of the same name is already in place at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, providing upscale pre- and post-game “tailgating experiences” for fans attending USC football games. While yet to be confirmed for Las Vegas, the California Peristyle Club offers a finer selection of food and drinks in a private area.




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