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Raiders President hopeful Las Vegas gets Super Bowl by 2025

Raiders President hopeful Las Vegas gets Super Bowl by 2025

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – Walking into the Raiders Preview Center, it’s like a blast from the past, almost like a time machine with the old pads, the old pictures, and the old video past Raider greats. Walking farther, the current state of the franchise, and a look the future of the Raiders in Las Vegas are visible too.

Most NFL teams who built a stadium in the past decade have opened a preview center for fans, similar to the one the Raiders opened this past week, but the silver and black are the only ones who added a public element.

“We felt that was important so that people in Las Vegas and those that don’t know that much about the Raiders, as well as all the Raiders fans who will fly in, get a chance to see some of the history, some of the memorabilia we have here and get excited for the stadium project,” Raiders President, Marc Badain said.

Marc Badain had a big say in the design and look of the Raiders preview center, but he said what’s been done there is only the start.

“At some point we’ll do a Raiders Hall of Fame,” Badain said. “I wouldn’t say this is a Hall of Fame, but this is a good test for what a Hall of Fame could look like and the type of information we could share and the type of environment we could create for Raiders fans around the world as they come to Las Vegas.”

One of the big features in the preview center is a live and interactive firsthand look at the soon-to-be Raiders stadium on Russell Road. Set to open in the summer of 2020, Badain said it is right on schedule.

“Steel is going in the ground around April, the progress has been absolutely astounding and it’s been exciting for everyone on staff and everyone with the organization,” Badain said.

Excitement has grown in Las Vegas not just for the Raiders, but for future Super Bowls. The NFL begin to finalize future host cities as soon as next month.




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